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Holy Crap, Times Have Changed (# 035)

January 13, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 4
Weird and Wacky World
Holy Crap, Times Have Changed (# 035)
Show Notes

Holy Crap, Times Have Changed (S3-E4)

The JabberGuys uncover some beliefs from the past that will make you say, “What the hell were they thinking?”  From leeches as a regular medical procedure, to Chicago’s ‘Ugly Law’ that was enforced from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s.  WTF?!

Leeches were regularly used for blood-letting by doctors for a number of common ailments.

Arranged marriages were commonplace and child brides were often used by royalty to secure blood lines and preferred heirs.

In 1920, according to the census, about 12% of all American girls were between 15-19 years old were married.

The typical streets of the 1800s - lots of garbage including animal feces and animal corpses.  NY had thousands of horses for transportation, with each producing 15-30 pounds of manure and couple gallons of urine daily.

Public executions were still conducted in Canada up until 1869, while it still happens today in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh’s ‘Chop-Chop Square’.

American prohibition created a government force tasked with hunting down people who were drinking alcohol

Blood sports were popular forms of entertainment, dog fighting, cock fighting.

(1881) An alderman in Chicago introduces an ‘Ugly Law’ to ban unsightly people from public view.  Enforced up until the 1950s, and finally dropped in 1974.

Over 20,000 doctors declare that smoking is a treatment for asthma, with one declaring that smoking is no more harmful than drinking a glass of water.

Drunk driving was considered to be a rite of passage for young people up to less than 50 years ago.  (The JabberGuys say … Don’t Drink and Drive!)

Bring your gun to school was common.  … Not a good idea. 

What about deer hunting? 

The loneliest deer in Niagara Falls

The case for reducing deer populations - How Wolves Saved Yellowstone

KKK marches were frequent in the southern states.

Sugar was considered to OK and fat in your diet was bad.  In 1992 the FDA even advised people to bulk up on carbs for a balanced and healthy diet.  Wrong again!

That Sugar Film

The onset of the information age (1980s) predicted a 4-day work-week and a move toward a life of leisure….  Nope!

Airline stewardesses needed to be ‘hot’ to be successful in their job application.  Although, Air Canada has gone too far now with an over-representation of older nasty individuals with union seniority on their longer flights.

When asbestos was required by building codes …. Because the government said so.

Homes for the crazy and disobedient wives.

Unmarried women were not responsible enough to have a credit card.

Insertion of identity microchips predicted in early 2000s.  Thought to be crazy, but now Sweden is actually doing it.

Canadian Covid Care Alliance - Take the time to watch

Not that long ago, a woman’s main job was considered to be to make her husband happy.  Not anymore!

Jello-moulds included veggies and tuna fish!

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