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Why Democracy Doesn't Work (# 031)

December 02, 2021 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 1
Weird and Wacky World
Why Democracy Doesn't Work (# 031)
Show Notes

“Why Democracy Doesn’t Work” - S3E1

The JabberGuys get into the major problems with democratic systems and how morons like Trudeau end up in power.  While there is no answer on the perfect political process, there are a number of potential scary policies and abuse of power mine fields to navigate, and the general voting public is mostly clueless… until it is too late.

 One of the main reasons is that the average person has no clue what they are voting for.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was thought to be partial to communist values… and his son Justin is carrying on the family legacy.

Brexit was an example of a referendum being decided by an uninformed voting public.

Canada’s Liberals table Bill C-10 and Bill C-36 (Scary Stuff!)

Criminalization of how people feel. (Bill C-36)

Snitches are rewarded up to $20,000 if the person who hasn’t done anything yet and may never do anything is convicted.

Hypothetical Democratic Scenario - Passengers are charged with the responsibility of electing a captain to fly their airplane.  (YouTube-Video)

Plato - “No Man Is More Hated Than He Who Speaks The Truth”

People’s Party of Canada

We remember Mike Harris (Ontario Conservatives)

Trudeau won the 2021 election with the lowest popular vote in Canadian history.

Rex Murphy: “Worst Canadian Government ever

Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy on the disastrous Trudeau Liberals 

Omar Kadhr (convicted killer and terrorist) receives $10.5 million compensation from Trudeau for having his rights violated under the Charter of Rights.

Rebel News - Uncensored News

Cha sings “Feelings”  (Please stop)

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