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Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? (# 030)

November 18, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 15
Weird and Wacky World
Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? (# 030)
Show Notes

Who Thought That Was a Good Idea? - S2E15

The JabberGuys look back at some of the worst inventions and ideas that never really made it.

Who invented the dildo and the vibrator?   Apparently, it goes back 30,000 years.

The “Flowbee” … still in production!

Tho-radia … radioactive cream and liquid

The flying tank, the Russians gave it a go. (Antonov A-40)

The bonnet Hair-Dryer

The Car-Boat

Mattel’s Intellivision - what happened?

Portable record player - Wondergram

Cha’s Invention - The Soap Sack???

Robot Readamatic Speed Reader - Useless!

SONY Betamax HiFi player - SONY got greedy.

Oelstra - No fat, No calories, No Problem?   Only the diarrhea.

Spray-on hair - Really?  (YouTube)

Hoverboards - They’re still around.

A BIC for her … what?

Harley-Davidson Perfume … The Rise and Quick Fall

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