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The Screaming Tunnel (#028)

October 30, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 13
Weird and Wacky World
The Screaming Tunnel (#028)
Show Notes

The Screaming Tunnel - S2E13 

The JabberGuys venture out to a local haunted tunnel, and cemetery, and discuss some of the most haunted areas of the Niagara Region for this Halloween Season episode.

The Screaming Tunnel

Check out our visit to the Screaming Tunnel on YouTube.

Also, have a listen to our 2020 Halloween Season episode, “Which Witch”.

Cha thinks ghosts are aliens with cloaking devices…. Ahhh, that explains everything.

The Dead Zone was filmed in Niagara-on-the-Lake and used the Screaming Tunnel as one of the movie sets.

The Drummond Hill Cemetery… with the dead from the bloodiest battle in the War of 1812… taking place on July 25th, 1814.  Over 1,700 soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured during the battle on Lundy’s Lane.   The JabberGuys visit the cemetery, without incident.

The Olde Angel Inn

Haunted Fort George

The haunted Ottawa jail, and Cha’s gruesome elementary school trip.




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