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On a Gender Bender (#026)

October 07, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 11
Weird and Wacky World
On a Gender Bender (#026)
Show Notes

On a Gender Bender (S2-E11)

The JabberGuys get into the gender wars… focusing on Men vs Women and their differences of perspectives and opinions.  Addressing all the other genders would have been just too darn complicated.

Guys really do some stupid stuff… and women tend to be the balance of common sense.

Women don’t want guys to fix their problems, just listen and validate their feelings.
Video - “It’s Not About the Nail

Guys have single brain boxes and they think about one thing at a time, and sometimes they go to their “Nothing Box”, which women can’t comprehend.Video (excerpt) - “Men’s Brains vs Women’s Brains

Who talks more?  Full agreement on ‘women’.   There shall not be silence.

Women have way better memories and pack away information to build a case and take out later to prove that men are assholes.

Birthdays, and anniversaries… “What do you want?” … “Nothing, it’s OK”.   There it is, and now they sit back and wait for the guy to fail.
Video - “The Doghouse

What actually goes into the dishwasher?  Queex and his wife tend to disagree.  It’s the little things.

Cha puts his baseball cap into the dishwasher with a Tide Pod.  What?!

Women need a buildup and a process to be ready for sex.  Men need a single visual cue and they are ready to go.

Science suggests that women have a more sensitive threshold for pain, but men seem to be bigger whiners when they are in pain.

Grudges … an artform for women.  Guys have a disagreement, then forget about it.

Driving… women are typically good drivers, but they do tend to back-seat, and front-seat drive.

The work environment is not the place for personal gossip.  Somebody please tell the women.

The bathroom.  How many things do guys need… 5 or 6?  A recent study found the average women needs greater than 300 items.  WFT?!

Pets?  Women like cats, men typically don’t and prefer dogs.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, and a man marries a woman hoping she won’t change.

Grocery shopping?  Men typically buy unhealthy items in the grocery store, and are passively aggressively discouraged by women.

Clothes shopping?  Women have way better fashion sense, and men wear the same t-shirts and underwear until they actually fall off from deterioration.

Video games?  Men are always ready to play.  Younger women are more likely to participate, but older women have absolutely no interest.

Watching movies?  Women tend to talk too much during a movie and are distracted easily making the man pause repeatedly… or ask questions about the plot to fill her in while she was wandering out of the room.  Most women just fall asleep, needing to watch the movie again later, which means the man has watched the same parts of the movie 20 times.  Lol

The JabberGuys realize they should have had a woman on the show for the female perspective.  They plan to bring a woman on a later show to provide the other side… and explain the confusing behaviour to men.

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