Weird and Wacky World

Weird Jobs in a Wacky World (S2-E10)

September 23, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 10
Weird and Wacky World
Weird Jobs in a Wacky World (S2-E10)
Show Notes

Weird Jobs in a Wacky World (S2-E10)

Seriously?  People get paid to do these jobs?  The JabberGuys discuss some of the weirdest jobs out there in our Wacky World.

Professional Sleeper

Drying Paint Watcher

Netflix Watcher

Train Pushers (Japan Subways)

Professional Mourner

Snake Milker (not the teats… lol)

Dog Food Taster

Odour Judge (smelling armpits?)

Scuba Pizza Delivery Guy (Florida Underwater Hotel)

Professional Stand in-liner

Professional Wedding Guest

Vomit Cleaner

Waterslide Tester (Norbit Scene) (Waterslide Mishaps)

Electric Shock Giver - Mexico

Chicken Sexer

Queex recounts his experience visiting ‘Tubs’ the bear

Professional Cuddler

Car License Plate Blocker (Iran)

Baby Ostrich Sitter

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