Weird and Wacky World

You Gonna Put THAT in Your Mouth? (S2-E8)

August 19, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 8
Weird and Wacky World
You Gonna Put THAT in Your Mouth? (S2-E8)
Show Notes

You Gonna Put That in Your Mouth? (S2-E8)

There are some wacky foods out there around the world.  The JabberGuys describe some of the weirdest foods that many cultures look at as quite normal.  Yikes!

Monkey brains! - Temple of Doom

Cha might have been the Great Gazoo when he was young … big head!

Insect delicacies and bug cookery

Queex tries to cook a live lobster

Kopi Luwak coffee … Civet cat

Wasp crackers - Japan

Stargazy Pie - England (fish heads)

Puffer fish - Japan

Chicken sashimi - Japan

Red Ant chutney - India

Jellied Moose Nose - Canada

Fermented shark - Hakarl - Iceland

Raw horse meat - South Korea

Rocky Mountain Oysters - USA

Hotdogs! - What’s really in them?

Balut - Philippines

Live octopus - Korea

Escargot - France

Shirako - Japan

Ant Egg Soup - Thailand

Haggis - Scotland

Maggot cheese - Casu Martzu - Italy

Camel burgers in Oman

Understanding a country’s culture from their food

Peru - Guinea pig

Penis Fish - Japan

Gator burgers - Southern USA
Gators in the Everglade 

Bird Nest Soup - What is it made from? (Swiftlet saliva)

Brains as food?

Donkey Penis - China (Seriously?  Why?)

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