Weird and Wacky World

Other Side of the Fence (S2-E7)

August 05, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 7
Weird and Wacky World
Other Side of the Fence (S2-E7)
Show Notes

Other Side of the Fence (S2-E7)

The JabberGuys remember some wacky neighbours they had growing up, and share other stories about neighbour nightmares.

Remembering the nasty Mrs. ‘L’ and worm picking

Harassing Mrs. ‘Z’ with blasting Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein”
Cha made sure that “appropriate people could take appropriate action.” 

Blocking your neighbour’s driveway when shovelling snow 

Parading naked around the house… “wiener shot”

The group of old women next door … locked out and threatening to strip… ‘get the popcorn.’
Skylab is coming down … head for the subways! 

Neighbour eating his neighbour’s flowers … yum!

“That’s my duck” (Buddy Hackett)

“But, I don’t have a dog”

Great neighbour movies: The Burbs, Christmas with the Kranks

“It’s your fault the sparrows are chirping too loudly”

The neighbour weaponizes Windex when they are on their apartment balcony

Where do we put the bacon grease?

Not a big cat fan … and the cat disco party at 2am is a little much … 3 times a week?

“Hi, I’m your new neighbour” … “COCK!!!”

Video game mayhem late at night with the windows open

No people were harmed from the flying patio umbrella

Hopping the fence and using the pool when the neighbour is away

Cha knows how to clear a pool when staying at a hotel

Busybody neighbours call the city and the police at every opportunity

What is the politically correct term for “Little People”
Midget water sound effect 

The midnight mower

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