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Monster Mash (S2-E6)

July 22, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 6
Weird and Wacky World
Monster Mash (S2-E6)
Show Notes

Monster Mash (S2-E6)

The JabberGuys open up about Myths and Monsters…. But they have some disagreements on which ones are myths and which may be real monsters.

Cha doesn’t believe in monsters … maybe some giant lizards.

Let’s not talk about Michelle Obama, possibly being named ‘Michael’.

Sasquatch - Patterson-Gimlin film, (Michigan footage)

Yeti - National Geographic

Skunk Ape - Dave Shealy’s 2000 footage (Southeast USA)

Wendigo - First Nations folklore (Great Lakes Region) - caught on camera

But Cha does believe in Unicorns - Scientist have found fossils

Loch Ness Monster - New photo evidence

The Abyss - Aliens!

Vampires - movie versions and real-life origins! (Nosferatu)

Werewolves - The Darkest Secret video uncovers fake

Cha’s car karma

Skin-walkers - Navajo culture - shapeshifters

The history and origins of witches will be the subject of a future Weird and Wacky World podcast

Chupacabra - Hairless crazy wolf-dog

Bessie - Lake Erie creature

Rougarou - French lore origins

What are Cryptids?

Wraiths - ghostly creatures

Supernatural TV show on the CW

Spiders - Queex found a brown recluse spider in his rec room

Giant squid - finally caught on video

Woman attacked by a freshwater musky in Northern Ontario

Great White Shark attack - Planet Earth video

This episode’s weigh-in for the JabberGuy’s ‘Lose Some Weight’ challenge:
Queex - 229 lbs (up .5 lbs)
Cha - 223.5 lbs (down 1 lb … even after burgers and ice cream …wtf?)
Ote - 176 lbs (up 1.5 lbs)\

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