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Stupid Is As Stupid Does (S2-E5)

July 08, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 5
Weird and Wacky World
Stupid Is As Stupid Does (S2-E5)
Show Notes

Stupid Is As Stupid Does (S2-E5)

The JabberGuys lighten it up a bit and talk about some of things that everyone does that are just plain stupid.  Why do we do these things?   Not sure, but I am sure that you will relate to some of them when you listen to this week’s episode.

Ote needs coffee making lessons.

Set the clock ahead to fool myself in the morning so you get up on time.
Setting 4-5 alarms to get up in the morning.
Snooze is the best invention ever!  … and why is it 9 minutes?
Everyone uses their phone as an alarm clock now.

Beeping your car multiple times to make sure it is actually locked.

Pushing the elevator button when it is already illuminated.

Walking from one room to the next and forgetting why you are there.

Who pees in the shower?  Cha holds it so he can pee in the shower.
Madonna on Letterman (1994) uncensored interview and peeing in the shower.
George Costanza pees in the shower (Seinfeld) 

Cha’s ice cream deception.

“Be careful, don’t touch the plate it’s hot”… so, we touch the plate.

When you don’t hear what a person says, and you laugh as a response hoping that was the appropriate response.

If the TV remote doesn’t work, just wack it or slam it on the table.

Packing lots of underwear when travelling.

Cooking and throwing the box with instructions away before reading them, and having to search the garbage to retrieve the box.

DRTFM - “Didn’t Read the F*ckin’ Manual”
Cha’s wife teaches him how to wax the boat. 

Fake interest in grocery store product when someone is standing in front of the item you really want.

Walk of shame to go back when you realize you really do need a grocery buggy because you have too much stuff.

Eating the Jumbo bag of chips in one sitting… ooops!
Queex has a chip deception of his own. 

Salad tongs … click them a few times just to make sure they still work.

If you want to find an As*hole, just go for a 2 minute drive… being cut off on a merge, those who always drive in the passing lane, OMG!   
There a few people left out there who actually apologize when they are wrong… good for them.

This episode’s weigh-in for the JabberGuy’s ‘Lose Some Weight’ challenge:

Queex - 228 lbs
Cha - 224.5 lbs
Ote - 174.5 lbs

All the JabberGuys lost weight since the last weigh-in!  Not sure how long this will last.

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