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Get Ready for the Truth - UFOs (Pt 1) (S2-E3)

June 10, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 3
Weird and Wacky World
Get Ready for the Truth - UFOs (Pt 1) (S2-E3)
Show Notes

Get Ready for the Truth - UFOs (Pt 1) (S2-E3)

 The JabberGuys open the discussion on UFOs and the impending announcement from the Pentagon declassifying UFO documents that have been sealed for decades.  This is the first episode of a series on UFOs and the potential for aliens already being among us.

Pentagon to release previously classified info on UFOs sometime in June…

Too many scammers and fake YouTube videos are clouding the real info and making people skeptical.

Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers

Ancient Aliens on The HISTORY Channel

(Cha rats on Ote having a Capt’n Crunch bit stuck to his collar at golf: “But we digress”)Queex, Cha, and Ote have a weigh-in challenge… ‘cause Queex and Cha are fat…. Lol

The JabberGuys mission Statement: “Who Gives a F*ck, Nobody is Listening Anyways”

Twilight Zone Movie excerpt: “You Wanna See Something Really Scary?”

Bill Cooper - Conspiracy

Joseph Spencer - MIB (Whistleblower)

Are alien crossbreeds among us?

The 110 Zimbabwe school children - alien incident (1994)

Over 300 Australian school children witness UFOs (1966)

Aliens stop nuclear testing. (1967 - Malmstrom Air Force Base)

3 cases of time travel?

Time traveler in Charlie Chaplin movie? (debunked)

Recently released US military video of UFOs

Paul Hellyer - former Cdn Minister of Defence, Interview

Unacknowledged - Documentary, Steven Greer (2017)

What is going on with UFOs in our oceans?

The Darkest Secret - Leonore Clay

Ote and Cha see a UFO??   Nope, just an air ad for a restaurant.

Queex and his boys see a UFO… “It just went shooting right up there”

People need to see evidence with their own eyes before they will believe to cut through all the bullshit out there.

The number one cause of environment damage… there are too many people!

This episode’s weigh-in for the lose weight challenge:
Queex - 232 lbs
Cha - 230 lbs
Ote - 177 lbs

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