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Classic Breakfast Cereals (S2-E2)

May 27, 2021 JabberGuys Season 2 Episode 2
Weird and Wacky World
Classic Breakfast Cereals (S2-E2)
Show Notes

Classic Breakfast Cereals (S2-E2)

The JabberGuys remember some of the classic breakfast cereals.  We are sure you will recognize many of the brands and popular characters, as well as the role sugar played in these crazy cereals.

This cereal needs more sugar!!

Shreddies - made in Niagara Falls, Canada

What comes running out of forest fires? - Crispy Critters (1963)

Life - “Hey Mikey

Clark Griswold’s cereal varnish, the “crunch enhancer”

Where is all the Count Chocula?

Saturday morning cartoon commercials were dominated by breakfast cereals

Capt’n Crunch and Crunch Berries

The Froot Loops taste test

The frustrations of opening the wax paper bag cereal packaging … arrgg!

“You Silly Rabbit … Trix are for kids!”

The decade for breakfast cereals - 1960

Cinnamon Toast Crunch (1984) - a party in your mouth

Frosted Flakes - (Introduced in 1952 as Sugar Frosted Flakes)

Thurl Ravenscroft was the voice of Tony the Tiger for 50 years.

Honey Nut Cheerios - one of the best-selling cereals!

A collection of Sugar Crisp cereal commercials

Honeycomb cereal and the popular song by Jimmie Rodgers (1957)

Cha remembers breaking a tooth on a wagon wheel snack

Lucky Charms - Do you leave the marshmallows to last?

Cocoa Puffs - ‘Sonny’ the Cuckoo bird

Educational cereals - Alpha-bits

The Rice Krispies routine

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