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Freaky Phobias (S1-E14)

April 15, 2021 JabberGuys Season 1 Episode 14
Weird and Wacky World
Freaky Phobias (S1-E14)
Show Notes

Freaky Phobias (S1-E14)

The JabberGuys discover some of the wacky phobias that are out there. Along the way they realize some of their own phobias.  Clowns, frogs, chickens … somewhere there is somebody afraid of just about anything.

Agoraphobia - Fear of Crowded or Open Spaces
Acrophobia - Fear of Heights
Cha gets stranded on an old woman’s roof… like a scared cat.
Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs … “I had a bad experience” …  (Mos Def)
Cha’s fear of Beasties!   What lurks under the dock?
Trypophobia - Fear of Holes
Glossophobia - Fear of Public Speaking
Alektorophobia - Fear of Chickens
Coulrophobia - Fear of Clowns
Uncle Buck - Clown Scene
Cacomorphobia - Fear of Fat People
Bill Burr’s rant - Fat guy on an airplane
JabberGuys Mission Statement; “Who gives a F*ck, no one is listening anyways”
Chaetophobia - Fear of Hair
Chronophobia - Fear of the Future
Scoleciphobia - Fear of Worms (“Going fishing!”)
Taphophobia - Fear of Being Buried Alive
Gynophobia - Fear of Women
Xenophobia - Fear of the Unknown
“Bob’s Lingerie and Ammunition” … ???
Trypanophobia - Fear of Needles
Ranidaphobia - Fear of Frogs
Pediophobia - Fear of Dolls
Achondroplasiaphobia - Fear of Little People
Phasmophobia - Fear of Ghosts (Spectrophobia)
Tokophobia - Fear of Pregnancy or Giving Birth
Omphalophobia - Fear of Belly Buttons
Kinemortophobia - Fear of Zombies
Astraphobia - Fear of Thunder and Lightning … 4 golfers struck by lightning

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