Weird and Wacky World

"That's F*cked Up, Yo" (S1-E12)

March 18, 2021 JabberGuys Season 1 Episode 12
Weird and Wacky World
"That's F*cked Up, Yo" (S1-E12)
Show Notes

"That's F*cked Up, Yo" (S1-E12)

The JabberGuys reluctantly share some of the weird obsessions people have.  Hard to believe, but these people are out there…. I mean really out there.

(We strictly warn that all the obsessions represented in the podcast and in the podcast show notes as being extremely dangerous and should not be copied and are presented purely for entertainment purposes.)

Girl who eats drywall

Queex educates us on wombat poop?

Eating toilet paper: 4-5 rolls per week

Car lover ... seriously... wtf?!

Let’s eat some furniture - PICA, 7 sofa cushions last year, a new record!

Snorting baby powder?

Drinking nail polish, urine, and paint …. Oh my!

The severed doll head obsession… (YouTube)

Eating the ashes of a dead person

Hey Man That’s Pee! (Cheech and Chong)

Don’t drink camel urine!

80 ounces of urine a day?!

Eating sand?    …. She likes the crunch.

Drinking paint???!  “That’s Fucked Up, Yo”

Chowing down on full size rubber tires

Licking cat fur

Addicted to smelling gasoline

Saving the environment on bag at a time…  Eating plastic bags

Women who is addicted to dirty diapers… sniffs and nibbles from here top-drawer supply

In love with inflatables!   Whales and turtles??  A relationship with 15 different inflatables.

Addicted to eating rocks

Addicted to bee stings

The man who wants to be a mermaid

A little Febreze as a breath freshener

Couple owns over 240 blow up dolls?

31 year-old spends 8 hours a day acting like a baby, in a giant highchair and using his diapers

Special thanks to TLC's "My Strange Addiction"

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