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Aliens Are Real ... Are We Doomed? (# 051)

June 19, 2023 JabberGuys Season 4 Episode 5
Weird and Wacky World
Aliens Are Real ... Are We Doomed? (# 051)
Show Notes

Aliens Are Real ... Are We Doomed? (S4-E5)

 The JabberGuys welcome back Adrienne Amari to the podcast to launch our Alien Series.

Why all the media hype NOW about aliens, when for 50-60 years there have been lots of sightings, evidence, and controversies... and it has all been attributed to conspiracy theorists and crazy people?   Is there a hidden agenda?   Who can you believe?

Join the JabberGuys for this first episode as the start of a deep dive into the world of Aliens!  

Links for podcast references:

1)    Las Vegas 911 Call – “Aliens in my backyard!”:

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4)    Phoenix Lights:

5)    Joseph Spencer MIB Confessions:

6)    William Cooper Conspiracy:

7)    Project Blue Beam:

8)    The Committee of 300 (Book):

9)    Twilight Zone move clip:

10) Quantum Mechanics for Dummies:

11) The Eisenhower Alien Deal:

12) Tech advances after 1950:

13) Tarot Cards and Aliens:

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