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Conversations With Spirits (# 042)

April 21, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 11
Weird and Wacky World
Conversations With Spirits (# 042)
Show Notes

Conversations With Spirits (S3-E11)

 The JabberGuys share some of their stories about encounters with spirits, and invite Adrienne Amari back to help summon a few spirits.  Ote, Queex, and Cha each take a turn at the mystic pendulum in an attempt to contact the spirit in Ote’s house.  

 Sorry… no Ouija boards in this house!

The spirit in Ote’s house is now named ‘Pokey” for a very good reason … something that Cha would rather forget.

The pendulum swings to answer questions from the JabberGuys.

Visual recordings of the events can viewed through these video links on:

1)    YouTube: (Link)

2)    Rumble: (Link)

Adrienne explains the use of crystals and their protective power against spirits and takes out the Tarot deck to try to connect with the spirits.

Watch for our next episode when the JabberGuys bring in a psychic to take things to the next level.

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