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The TAROT Episode (# 037)

February 10, 2022 JabberGuys Season 3 Episode 6
Weird and Wacky World
The TAROT Episode (# 037)
Show Notes

The TAROT Episode (S3-E6)

The JabberGuys invite a special guest to the show to talk about TAROT cards and to answer questions about the mysterious practice of TAROT card reading.  Adrienne Amari joins the JabberGuys to share some of her stories with TAROT readings and to provide insights to the world of TAROT.

Adrienne explains the TAROT card system and weighs in on the following questions…

What is the relationship of TAROT with psychic applications?

Can TAROT tell the future?

Adrienne has collected over 70 TAROT card decks.  The TAROT artwork is detailed and amazing.

Can anyone learn TAROT?

What is the weirdest request from a person for a TAROT card reading?

Is TAROT related to the occult?

Origins of TAROT?

Adrienne does a reading for each of the JabberGuys.

The DEATH card!  What does it really mean?

Cha promotes GRACIE’s cookies… “They were delicious!”

Some of the scary TAROT cards… (Link to FaceBook post with card pics)

Adrienne explains the scary cards.

Are all TAROT card readers created equal?  Apparently not… make sure you connect with a knowledgeable and ethical TAROT reader.

Adrienne welcomes you to contact her for a reading at

Adrienne will be coming back with her crystals and spirit pendulum in an episode about ‘spirits’.

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